Welcome to the website of the Chicago & Aurora Divisions. This is a HO Scale representation of the Chicago Burlington & Quincy's Chicago to Aurora triple track mainline along with the Chicago & Iowa Subdivision (C&I) mainline from Aurora, Illinois north to Savanna, Illinois (as staging) through such cities as Rochelle, Flag Center, and Oregon.

The layout is set in 1954 and much research has been put into making the layout as close to 100% accurate to the real CB&Q in 1954 as possible. In 1954 the CB&Q still operated some steam on the Chicago and Aurora Divisions, with 2-8-2s, 4-8-4s and 2-10-4s on freight trains and 0-6-0s and 0-8-0s in yard service.  The arrival of E-8s between December 1949 and September 1953 marked the end of steam locomotives in passenger service.  There are monthly operating sessions.  The operating schedule for the layout is taken from actual CB&Q 1954 Chicago and Aurora Divisions employee time tables. The layout uses a car card system, with each car being waybilled from an accurate shipper to prototypically correct industries and destinations. A typical operating session will call for  a minimum of 54 trains including 12 suburban service trains (“Dinkies”), 12 manifest freights, 19 passenger trains and 3 locals.

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Any questions, comments or concerns feel free to email the Chicago & Aurora Divisions Superintendent: Mike Spoor- cbqrr@comcast.net


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